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Driven Staffing has very specialized knowledge of the market for Scientific, Clinical Research and Engineering staffing. It’s co-founders have over 30 years of combined experience in staffing for these areas. Plus, they are scientists themselves, each with hands-on industry experience working in a lab, so they are uniquely qualified to understand the technology you are working with and to assess the experience of the candidates they recruit, which translates to better matching of candidates to your positions. They keep up on industry trends, are active in the scientific community and have a network that spans 30 years and hundreds of industry connections that they can go to in order to source talent.


We are not candidate driven, we are client driven. We’re not in the business of finding people jobs, we are in the business of isolating only the strongest professionals for our clients.

Niche specific-
We are focused on 3 core areas that we have experience and track record in, so we do this and only this and we do it WELL, thus our tag line: Quality Accelerated:

Clinical Research

We can provide a range of services to meet your needs:

Direct Hire: We will uncover that hard to find talent for your full-time positions. We strive to find you candidates who are not actively looking but are focused on their work and recommended by their peers as someone who is in the top 10% of their field.

Temporary Staffing: Manage your short-term, long-term or contract to hire staffing needs with our skilled, flexible work force.

Supplier Diversity: We are a soon to be certified Women Owned Business (SWOBE) so we can help your company fill any supplier diversity requirements that you may have to meet.

Whether you are a large or small, established or start-up company, we are driven to provide you with quality staff to keep you focused on the core of your business.


We will not take on a search that does not fit within our core area. We will let you know within an hour of seeing your requisition whether or not we will be able to fill it.

We pre-screen every candidate for you. We dig into the info that is not on their resume and assess whether or not they are a good fit not only technically, but culturally as well.

Our candidates will ALWAYS know where their resumes are going. They will know the name of the company and will have a chance to look over your position before we EVER send a resume to you.

We will not give up on ANY search until you tell us to stop. We are not just driven, we are also determined.

If given the opportunity to really get to know you and your culture, we will keep you abreast of talent as it surfaces, people who aren’t actively looking, but have their heads down, focused on their job. We will let you know as we uncover these people so you can catch some amazing talent that isn’t “on the market.”

We will work within the scope of YOUR process. How often do you want updates on the search? Do you prefer phone calls or email? In person kickoff meetings when you open a req? We will work with you to craft a custom plan for your search.

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